About me

I am a first year Computer Science Ph.D. student at UCLA under Professor Jens Palsberg, where I am currently working on a superoptimizer for quantum programs. Previously, I graduated from UIUC with a B.S. in Computer Engineering in 2018, and with an M.S. in Computer Science in 2020.

While at UIUC, I worked on the K Framework under Professor Grigore Rosu, where I implemented the I/O and FFI interfaces in the LLVM backend, implemented and tested pattern matching heuristics, and helped transition projects to the LLVM backend. I also worked with Professor Jose Meseguer on IMPL and its prover, found here.

I also enjoy working side projects, which include designing and building synthesizer modules and trying to build modern web and mobile apps. Lately I have been especially interested in data analytics and visualization, for which I am prototyping new projects with the MERN Stack. I also like to work on tiny projects, such as tinybench.

Research Interest

Quantum Computing, Optimization, Programming Languages, Formal Methods and Verification.